We have asked Ing. Miloš Kvaššay Dpt. Of Industrial Engineering PLT

How do you assess the past year in the field of innovations at the plant of PLT?



We have talked to Ing. P. Janypek, PhD., Director of the Division QUALITY in CMR - Significant appreciations by our customers

How did we succeed in quality in the area of manufacturing passenger and light-truck tyres last year?

B. Köller, Vice-President for Finance and Controlling Continental Tires - introduced to his position a new Managing Director and Financial Director of Continental Matador

A meeting of managing directors of Continental Púchov and workers of the Units of Finance and Controlling of CMR and CMTT took place in the CMR congress hall on ...

Personnel change

Since February of this year, Ing. Libor Heger took up the position of Director of the Technological Centre in Púchov. He is thirty-nine, native of Kroměříž and ...